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According to the Charter, the Brandywine-North Keys Civic Association was established "to stimulate interest in and devise ways and means to promote civic, community and general welfare, giving special attention to public improvements, which are beneficial to the Brandywine-North Keys area."

Our vision of Brandywine is to have a community of people and businesses, working together for:

     A safe community
     A livable, workable, drivable, bikeable, walkable community
     A community with sustainable resources

To achieve this vision, we:

  1. Extend open invitations to all public safety organizations, which give us reports and answer questions in their field of expertise.
  2. Extend open invitations to our County and State legislators regarding matters affecting our area.
  3. Work with DPW&T for curb and drainage upgrades and with CSX Railroad to improve railroad crossings.
  4. Work with the Brandywine Revitalization project to create a friendly village.
  5. Extend open invitations to local businesses and developers to allow for community feedback, i.e.,
      a) Worked with gravel mining industries to obtain agreement to erect a buffer along North Keys Road and to monitor truck operations and respond promptly to citizens’ complaints;
      b) Worked to have property donated to the Maryland Capital Park and Planning Commission to develop the Brandywine North Keys Community Park (map) on North Keys Road which is now slated to receive baseball fields; and
      c) Met with business representatives and achieved success in bringing the Brandywine Crossing Shopping Center to the area, with much needed stores and restaurants (stores search link).
  1. Offer assistance to the Brandywine Elementary School, which is where we meet, i.e.,
    1. a) Made donations such as printers, copy paper and a refrigerator;
      b) Sponsored breakfast for parents and teachers and lunch for teachers and staff;
      c) Provided donations of school supplies, gloves, hats, and scarves for students; and
      d) Contributed funds to families whose children could not afford to participate in school activities or celebrate the holidays.



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